Sunday, November 20, 2011

6 Months old

Here is the latest. London is half a year old!

London has officially started solids. Here is a video and some pictures of her first attempt with rice cereal.  She didn't like it much at first but it's starting to grow on her and she likes it a lot better with vegetables mixed in.

This is the latest on her crawling.
It looks like she is attempting the splits but I think she's trying to go from crawling position to sitting in the most awkward way. Ha silly girl!
More about London this month:
*She can shake her head no -  mostly she does it when she is done eating. It's really fun though to shake our heads no and then watch her copy. She thinks she's pretty funny when she does - and she is.
*She's learned to make a clicking noise with her tongue and lips.
*It's been said that babys sleep longer when they are on formula or start solids but it seems to be flipped in our case. She is mostly on formula now and eating solids once a day and she wakes up about 3-4 times a night.
London loves playing at Grandma and Grandpa Rowley's house. She soaked her outfit in drool so she got to wear a cute I {heart} NY shirt.

The other day I brought London into my room to play on the floor while I was finishing some stuff up for work. She was babbling on as she played with her toys and then I noticed it went really quiet. I looked down and she was gone. So I checked the foot of the bed thinking she must have crawled around. I looked and no London. As I was headed out the door, I saw her lift our bed skirt up to peek at me. Haha she's already learned to play hide and seek.

Wow, these posts are really getting long. I should prob try breaking them up from now on. Happy Late Halloween. I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week. We went around and visited all the grandparents. We ran into Jena and Anabelle at my parents along with Rogan and his family and my cousin Tanya and hers. Anabelle and London were wearing twinner kitty costumes. So cute! 

Jena holding London, and me holding Anabelle
 This picture cracks me up!

Cute little kittys holding hands

 Tanya and her family as Shrek, Woody, Buzz, and a princess.

 Rogan's family as Batman, Little bo peep and her sheep, a witch, and diddy Kong. Kim made all of their costumes and did an awesome job.
Each year as a Dunaway family we carve pumpkins together. This year we did an angry bird pumpkin. I wish I had a picture of the rest the families because they were all so good.

Well that's it for today, it's getting cold out there so bundle up. See ya soon

Sunday, October 30, 2011

5 Months

Better late than never. Here are London's 5 Month pictures along with some other pictures taken in the last two weeks. London is on the move. She can now roll over and over and over. Within the last couple days she has learned to get on all fours. She loves to get on her knees and rock back and forth and then pike her little bum in the air. She attempts going forward but usually face plants.

As I was taking pictures today after church. London started giggling out of no where. 
Here are pictures of her in action. All the things she's learn the last couple weeks.
She can now hold a bottle as she eats
Pose for pictures
Show off

get on all fours

And show you how fun it is.

She can suck her toes

Roll over
And her latest funny face
Here are some more random pictures:
Attempting 5 month pictures a couple days ago. I love when you can see her cute little neck.

but all she wanted to do was play with eat her animals.

Her smiles when Tyler comes home.

Chillin with Grandpa Rowley
These next two pictures are of London and her cousin Pamela. London is 9 days older than Pamela and she looks like a giant compared.

Watch out tomorrow if you see this cute little kiddy kat trick-or-treating at your door :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here's the Update

London had her 4 month check up last week and here are the results:
Weight: 14.4 lbs  60 %
Height:  24 inch  50%

London has learned a lot of new things this past month. She is not as cuddly now as she is becoming more active. She is getting stronger and can now roll over from her back to stomach. She can't seem to figure out how to roll over to her back again so she gets frustrated easily. She can scoot backwards She loves to babble and does so very loudly. Seriously she squeals like an eagle. We can't seem to sit through church or anything for that matter without taking her out multiple times. She is very smiley especially in the mornings when you take her out of bed. She loves to smile at herself in the mirror. She laughed for the first time for us while we were shopping for toys and has done it a couple times since. She is getting better coordination with grabbing her toys. She is glued to the TV when it is on. London used to sleep through the night for us but for the last month or so she wakes up multiple times a night. She went a week without going #2 and now does so daily if not twice a day. (Sorry, I want to remember this stuff). She doesn't like to work for her food. She will get upset at you if you try to face her toward you, she loves to look around and know what's going on. She has found her feet and loves to put anything and everything in her mouth. Besides attempting to put both fists in all the time she loves to suck on both thumbs at the same time. I can't believe how fast she is growing up and how much she has learned so far. 

On another note, here are a few things that we have done over the last month. We hiked Timp, ran the Little Grand Canyon 10k/half marathon, and took a little trip to the lake.

Stefenee and I ran the 10k together while Brent and Tyler conquered the half marathon. None of us did any training before. (Yea, not too smart). Note: I don't post this because I am awesome or anything at exercising, on the contrary, if you know me you know I haven't done much exercise for a long long time. In fact, running the 10k was probably the hardest thing I've done in a long time. Yes, to some of you 6 miles is not a big deal at all but I struggled the whole way. My goal was to just run the whole time and so I did - with 60 year olds running past me. Ha, it was really fun and pretty though. Tyler came in 28th out of 161. Here are some pictures of our adventure:
We woke up at 3:30 to drive down to Huntington and it was freezing!

Tyler right before the finish line
Brent and Tyler
Brent, Stefenee, and Us
Here are some pictures of our adventure hiking Timp over Labor Day weekend. We left at 1:00am and made it to the saddle for sunrise.

Stefenee, Kristee, Bryant
Mom & Dad

We decided we needed a little get away before school started so we headed to Vegas. We spent one of the days playing at Lake Mead, did some shopping, ate yummy food, saw the strip, the famous pawn shop and saw the Las Vegas temple. Sadly these are the only pictures I have of the trip
Haisley & London sleeping on the boat

Will, Ashley, and Marenn

Ashley wake boarding